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We are dedicated to making the State of North Carolina’s Highway Transportation System safer, more efficient and more effective by training and nurturing our students in one of the safest and technologically smart cars on the road today.  We are committed to providing our students with a solid foundation of Drivers Education knowledge and developing their driving skills.  We strive to foster in each of our students the attitudes associated with a successful driving life by developing positive attitudes, educating North Carolina’s traffic rules and regulations with emphasis on the concepts of traffic safety and courtesy.

– To provide each student with the necessary information and techniques to be a SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVER.
 To provide a learning friendly environment that meets the needs of each student’s learning style.


To be recognized and respected as the best Driver’s Education School in the State of North Carolina by providing exemplary services, catering to the needs of all types of drivers license applications especially senior citizens and promote road safety to serve the public.


The goal of Triangle Driving School is to provide each and every student and customer with the knowledge, tools and awareness to become better and safer drivers every single day.  Just like we all need to improve in our professions, our clients need to improve every time they get behind the wheel of an automobile.


In order to realize our vision, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our nervous and vulnerable customers who are also our guests.  We will accomplish this by committing to our shared values where integrity, competency, service, respect and excellence are our business pillars.  Our values will ensure that we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.